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Torch Award



The Torch Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions in the Arts and Culture.  By so doing, it seeks to preserve memories of all good works done in the arts and culture for generations to come.  The award also seeks to be a platform to nurture aspiring artistes from all walks of life and to connect Singapore to different cultures and countries through the medium of arts and culture.


To be the Award that all artistes in the arts and culture scene aspire to, not just Singapore, but around the world.  To first establish its credibility, visibility, and importance in the Singapore landscape, and then to the rest of the world.  To establish Singapore as a global soft power.

The Torch Award

Backed by Edmund Chen’s broadcast portal ECTV, the Torch Award was established with the intention of celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions of veterans in the arts and culture industry.  It celebrates the work, the art, and achievements of these talents and hopes to bring all the intangible works of a lifetime and make it into a tangible celebration.

It also hopes to share the memories, skills, and accomplishments of the veterans with the younger generation and encourage them to carry the torch forward in their own way, better for the guidance.

At the same time, the Torch Award also hopes to encourage a rich diversity where talents around the world can collaborate, share, and learn from each other.

Unique to the Torch Award, all trophies are made from organic roots of different trees, making each trophy an original with its own distinctive look and character.  For Torch Award, this represents originality, organic, and optimism.

Finally, two simple words encapsulate the hope and dream that the Torch Award has for all talents and artistes in their crafts – Roots and Wings.  Roots to know where they come from, what has been fought for and achieved before them, and wings to fly higher, and carry on the torch.


Grand Honoree, Lifetime Achievement Award (Sports)- ms Agnes Lee
Grand Honoree, Lifetime Achievement Award (Singing)- ms Rahimah Rahim
Grand Honoree, Lifetime Achievement Award (Acting)- mr Bai Yan
Mr Edmund Chen (Founder of the Torch Award); Mr Sin (New Korea wave Tourism Div); Mr Nori Yushida (Japan Fuji Entertainment); Ms Ms. Jeannie Tien; ms Gong Nan Wei (President of International Chinese Film Festival), Ms Agnes (8 times world champion woman body building); Ms Rahimah Rahim (Singing sensation) and Mr Eren, (Principal of ITE Simei).